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Hurricane Precautions and Preparation

hurricane evacuation


Florida Emergency Information Line: 800-342-3557
Brevard Co. Emergency Operations Center: 321-637-6670
Animal Shelter: 407-877-7387
North Brevard Animal Services: 321-264-5119
South Brevard Animal Services: 321-253-6608
Florida Power & Light: 800-226-3545
Elder Services: 800-963-5337
FEMA Disaster Assistance: 800-621-3362
TDD for the hearing impaired: 407-839-3111
NOAA Weather Radio: WSCF 91.9 FM


Hurricane Damage
Typical Hurricane Damage in Florida

When a hurricane is on the way is not the time to check your shutters. Hurricane shutters should always be inspected before hurricane season begins. If there is a problem or question on hanging/deploying your shutters or doing repairs to make sure every shutter on your home is in working order, it is imperative you allow enough time to get the problem fixed before the storm hits. If help is needed or questions need to be answered, we at Accurate Doors & Shutters are always just a phone call away. Even if we did not hang your shutters, we can adjust or repair them properly and answer all of your questions.

As a brief reference: In the case of storm panels, make sure all panels are present and fit correctly if you have not previously installed them. Make sure all tools and hardware required to install them are accounted for. As for accordions, annual lubrication, cleaning and testing should be performed, including testing all locks. For most other shutter types, such as rolldowns, Bahamas and colonials, make sure to fully close them and engage any locking hardware, as required. If you have any questions on routine maintenance, feel free to contact us for further information.

hurricane shutter example The reason it is so important to have a hurricane coded garage door and hurricane shutters is simple: it is to help keep your loved ones and home as safe as possible. Garage doors and hurricane shutters (especially those that meet Dade County specifications) will minimize the likelihood of any protected openings breaking, which will keep winds and water at bay. In addition to the obvious damage wind causes, water is commonly underestimated as a major source of destruction during hurricanes. From destruction of drywall and carpet, to lingering mold issues and destroyed personal belongings, the full damage done is often not fully realized until long after the storm has passed.